The beautiful, horny girl said goodbye to her virginity

The virgin had her cherry popped and waved goodbye to her innocence

As a teenage girl, the most shocking thing Tracy had experienced was witnessing her father having sex with his secret lovers.

When she turned 12 years old, she was already taller than most girls of the same age. Her sexual characteristics began to develop, and her breasts grew bigger. She started to feel curious about sex.

One evening, she rode her bicycle around the ranch. When she came to a remote and deserted shed, she heard some woman’s moaning. Curious, she approached the window to see what was going on. She was surprised by what she saw: Her father was having sex with the finance manager, Jodie.

Jodie was lying on a lounge chair with one leg on her father’s shoulder and the other on the ground. Her father was grabbing onto her breasts and fucking her. Jodie screamed, “It’s great! It’s wonderful! Keep going!”

Tracy’s father pounded hard and slapped her butt. “Fuck your brain out! You fucking slut!”

Their wild sex and dirty talk were so shocking that Tracy’s couldn’t believe what she saw or heard. This was the first time Tracy found out that her father had a secret lover. She also learned about sex for the first time.

That night, she couldn’t sleep. She thought about Jodie’s scream. Was having sex such a painful thing? Also, why did Jodie allow her father called her a slut? She thought about what happened and touched her own breasts and pussy. Her breasts were not small for a 12-year-old, but she was thinking about Jodie’s big breasts. That night, she masturbated for the first time.

This experience activated her curiosity about sex. In the follow days, she kept going back to the shed and watched her father having sex with different women.

The first woman she saw having sex with her father was Jodie. The next woman was the sales manager, Zoe. Zoe was riding her father in the cowgirl position, shaking her boobs and screaming in pleasure. Her father rubbed her plump breasts and slapped her ass, all the while roaring in pleasure like a stallion. When Zoea was about to come, she yelled, “Bad boy! I’m gonna fuck you ‘til you surrender!” Then she reached climax. Tracy was overwhelmed by what she saw. She always thought of Zoe as an elegant and poised lady; it turned out she was a cougar.

Tracy was too young to understand what she saw, but seeing the woman losing themselves in sexual pleasure, she observed that sex was something pleasant.

Other than Jodie and Zoe, she also saw her father’s secretary Julie, the distributor Nicola, who had an excellent sales record, production manager Gemma, and R&D manager Claire. Everyone was losing herself in sex completely and had amazing sex skills. Tracy was amazed by each and every one of them.

Tracy realized through watching them that sex was something exciting and enjoyable. She admired her father for rewarding his employees with amazing sex, so they would work for him devotedly. Therefore, she did not blame her father for cheating on her mother, but felt great admiration for him.

Whenever she came to the ranch, she always snuck to shed to watch those women having sex with her father. When she saw the beautiful and elegant women moaning under her father, she felt a sense of pride.

Tracy’s father, Paul, was famous for his good look in Noosa, Queensland in Australia. When he was 32 years old, he inherited his father’s ranch. He liked to hire beautiful and capable women to work for him. When the women showed interests in him, he would try to have sex with them and asked them to be his employees.

The women all knew that he had multiple partners, and he never settled for any one of them. but they didn’t care, nor were they jealous of one another. They worked even harder for him, so they could prove that they were capable employees, not some brainless bimbos.

Therefore, even though Paul was not a good businessman, his ranch was making ludicrous profits every year under the management of these women. The ranch was doing so well that eventually it was listed in the stock market.

Many businessmen were envious of Paul’s good luck and were jealous of his gorgeous and fantastic employees.

Tracy’s attitude toward sex was enlightened by these women’s openness. She had an idea that she wanted to try these exciting endeavors when she grew up.

One summer, Mark, the milker of the ranch, had to step out while in the middle of the milking. He asked his son, Daniel, to take over. He put the nipple inside the cylindrical milking device, asked his son to stand by and call him if anything happened, then left.

After Mark left, Daniel saw that the cow seemed to enjoy being milked, and thought that if he put his dick inside the milking device, it must feel great. So he put his own dick inside and turned on the machine.

It indeed felt great. The milking device sucked and squeezed, soon, he ejaculated.

After ejaculation, he tried to release his penis from the machine but was unable to. He only saw his father turning on the machine, but he didn’t know how to turn it off.

He pulled out his cell phone cand called his father. “Dad! How do I turn it off?”

His father was irritated with the phone call. “Don’t do anything, the machine will stop automatically when it collects 5 liters of milk.”

Frantic, Daniel tried to explain, but his father interrupted him. “I’m busy.” He hung up the phone.

Daniel was at his wit’s end. He looked around nervously for a solution, and suddenly, he saw Tracy from far away. He called out for help.

Tracy ran toward him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Daniel was all read and embarrassed. “My dick is stuck in the milking machine. Please turn off the power!”

Tracy didn’t know which one was the switch, so she turned off all the switches that she could see on the pillar.

Fortunately, one of the switches was the one controlling the device, and it finally stopped.

Daniel removed his dick from the machine and explained, “I wanted to try how it felt, but I wasn’t able to take it off!”

“Your penis is now small like a worm.” Looking at his swollen and bruised penis, Tracy found it funny and commented. She was not embarrassed at all.

That was how Tracy knew Daniel. She did not have any special impressions on him, nor did she look for him specifically whenever she came to the ranch.

She was at first amazed by the sex scenes at the shed and frequented the place. But watching them for a few times, it became boring to her. She stopped going to the shed. At that time, a friend asked Tracy to surf with her. Tracy turned her focus to learning how to surf, and gradually forgot about the shed.

At 16, Tracy became an excellent surfer. She also learned sailing and swimming. She was no longer a innocent teenager, but was completely transformed into a beautiful, young woman.

That year, she attended the annual surfing competition in Noosa and was advanced into the final round. She was lost to a handsome young man. The young man recognized her and asked, “Hey! Do you remember me?”

Tracy tried to remember who he was but she just couldn’t. The young man said, “Four years ago, you helped me get out of the milking device.”

“Oh! That was you!” Eyes wide, she looked at this handsome man in front of her. She had a good impression on him during the competition.

“Yes, it’s me. Daniel,” he told her his name.

“You’re all grown up and I couldn’t recognize you!” It was hard for Tracy to link the skinny, embarrassed boy with the handsome, tall man right in front of her.

They started chatting amicably. That night, Daniel texted her a message of adoration. “Your presence makes the ocean bluer and prettier, and everything in the world seems livelier. Your beauty is imprinted in my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

Tracy was delighted to get the massage. She couldn’t control the smile on her face.

They started dating, doing all kinds of activities such as going out, watching the movies, dancing in the pubs, eating in the restaurant, and surfing.

Daniel liked Tracy, and Tracy also found him attractive. They eventually fell in love with each other.

On the night of her 17th birthday, Daniel drove her to an empty seashore, and they spent her birthday together on the stone steps at shore.

The moon was glowing hazily and the stars were shining. The seashore was covered in silvery white and looked very romantic.

Daniel took out the present and said, “I’m so lucky to have you as a girlfriend. Tonight is the happiest night of my life. Happy birthday!”

Feeling touched, Tracy looked at Daniel adoringly and felt a strong feeling toward him. Daniel couldn’t control his feelings anymore; he held her in his arms and kissed her. They were both succumbed to emotions and a sensation of desire.

Rubbing against each other fervently, they felt each other’s sexual characteristics pressing against themselves. Immediately, excitement and pleasures raged through their bodies.

They couldn’t think rationally anymore. Tracy’s desire was like burning woods that added to Daniel’s raging flame. The desire was uncontrollable.

Daniel grabbed Tracy’s t-shirt and removed it in a swift motion.

Tracy didn’t wear a bra, so her white, perky breasts were exposed now. Daniel held her up, and removed her pants and panties.

Tracy was ready for this. Since she started watching her father having sex with the women in the shed, she had been expecting this day to come.

Her body was glowing in a hazing moonlight. Her lean waistline, attractive figure, perky breasts, and soft pussy were so charming to watch.

Daniel couldn’t wait to hold her in his arms, but she played a little hard to get and pushed him away. She turned around and started running.

Daniel removed his own clothes and chased after Tracy. At a sight viewing area, he found her on a bench. He held her immediately and kissed her.

Daniel’s penis was hard and erect, pressing against Tracy’s pussy. She was so turned on now.

He couldn’t hold back anymore. Making her lay down on the bench, he raised her legs, aimed at her pussy, and with a jolt, he penetrated her without any foreplay.

Tracy screamed in pain, tears streaming down her face. She didn’t expect losing her virginity to be so painful.

But she didn’t blame Daniel. When she saw her father having sex with the women, he was fucking them hard just like that. She thought it was normal to have sex that way.

Daniel learned from the internet that he should penetrate quickly rather than doing it slowly. He wasn’t sure if it was right or wrong enter her pussy with a rough thrust.

Seeing that Tracy was screaming in pain, he got worried and stopped moving. Until Tracy felt the pain subdued and signaled him to continue, he then started moving again.

His penis went in and out of her vagina slowly and gently because he didn’t want to make her feel anymore pain. Focusing solely on the pain and wishing that it would go away completely, Tracy didn’t feel any sexual pleasure at all. Suddenly, Daniel wrinkled his face and made a sound. He just came.

Daniel didn’t do any protection, nor did he caress her after sex. It showed how inexperienced he was. Fortunately, Tracy was on a safe period; there was no risk of pregnancy.

Daniel held Tracy up and smiled in embarrassment. Tracy said, “It was painful. I didn’t enjoy it at all.” It was not how she expected sex to be. But at least she was not a virgin anymore.

The romantic birthday night turned into a night of womanhood. Tracy took a big step into adulthood.

This clumsy sex brought them a whole new experience. They were more intimate with each other and their love strengthened.

Slowly, in the following dates, Daniel learned to foreplay and explore her body gently. He also learned to undress her slowly, caressed her breasts, sucked her nipples, and massaged her clit. Tracy started to enjoy sex.

The clumsiness, nervousness, and ignorance from the first time were no long present. Maturity slowly buried the pain of losing her virginity. (To be continued)

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